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Georgian cuisines popularity continues to grow in Japan. As the Georgian Embassy in Tokyo reports, the largest Japanese fast food producer NISSIN in collaboration with Matsuya Foods will start produc

According to the Georgian National Tourism Administration, with the support of the agency, one of the largest and influential travel guide book publishers Lonely Planet devoted a significant part of

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nuts or one can make a delicious and healthy dressing for various salads,vegetables or grilled meat. Here we present to you an extremely easy recipe of matsoni dressing that can easily replace mayonna

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cheese, that melts ideally. The dish serves four persons. Here is the recipeIngredients 8 slices of bread 500 grams of chicken breast without skin and bones 1 tablespoonfuls of oil 1 small onio

As you know, Georgian Christmas table supra is unimaginable without famous satsivi

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