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Photo Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia During her visit to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the Minister of Economy Natia Turnava held meetings with leading investment funds and corpor

Photo Geostat edited According to the National Statistics Office Geostat, there were 1 010 hotels and hoteltype enterprises operating in Georgia in 2020, which is 37.3 percent lower compared to

Photo Retrieved from Recently, Georgian startup Pulsar AI was acquired by USbased SpinCar, a global company specializing in digital automotive merchandising. More specifically, Pulsar AI c

Photo Retrieved from Investor and technology entrepreneur Mikheil Lomtadze made it to Forbess billionaire list with a 3.2B net worth. Lomtadze is the second Georgian who was included in F

Photo Retrieved from According to Enterprise Geogria, up to 10 international companies have shown interest in the state investment program FDI Grant mechanism. The FDI Grant is a me

Photo Christiane retrieved from Garden Design The National Environment Agency of Georgia has issued the license of use for snowdrop flower bulbs for a threeyear period. As the agenc

Photo European Union Small and mediumsized enterprises SMEs in Georgia will benefit from enhanced advisory services to advance their digitalisation and access to capital markets against the backd

Photo Healthline With Enterprise Georgia and The Embassy of Georgia to Japans support, Georgian Kiwi enters the Japanese Market, reports the Enterprise Georgia. According to the agency, Aromapro

Photo Retrieved from According to the Public Broadcaster, Austrian OMV Group, which is one of the largest oil companies in Europe, will start oil and gas exploration works in Georgi

Photo Geostat edited Under the Affordable Agricultural Credit program, a Guria Fish, a Trout and Norwegian salmon fingerling farm, now operates in in the village of Kviriketi, Ozurgeti Municipalit

Photo Adjarasport In the beginning of 2021, a Georgian sports media Adjarasport purchased a 100 share of Irelandbased lsquoSetanta Sports Eurasiarsquo sports television network, marking one of

Photo Enterprise Georgia edited Georgia has become a member of the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies WAIPA through the application of Invest in Georgia, reports Enterprise Georg

According to the Georgian Restaurateurs Association, up to 80 restaurants in Tbilisi will stop delivery service in protest against the COVIDrelated restrictions. In addition, the restaurateurs will j

Photo Administration of Government of Georgia As of January 24, 2021 and compared to the previous season export volume of mandarins increased by 22, reports the Administration of Government. Acco

Photo FDI Alliance As Enterprise Georgia reports, the British magazine FDI Alliance has published an article exploring investment climate and opportunities in Georgia. The article is titled as Geor

With the support from USAID Agriculture Program, the upgraded functionality of the platform enables Georgian exporters to get enhanced user experience and service quality usin

On 8 December, the EU allowed Georgia to export or transit processed pet food, other than canned pet food. According to the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia, this happened after Georgian

It goes without saying that the Georgian economy took quite a hit amid the pandemic. Currently, the country is going through the second lockdown which naturally affects and restricts various economic

According to the October 2020 Ordinance of the Government of Georgia on Determining the Status of an International Company, and Approving the List of Permitted Activities and Certain Expenses, enterpr

At the end of August, the Government of Georgia announced the lsquoRemotely from Georgiarsquo project, which started on 27 August. The project is aimed to compensate for the economic losses, which