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A modern person cannot imagine life without household appliances. With their help, he handles the work much easier, saves time and energy. On, you can buy a variety of electronics and perso

The Russian war in Ukraine, among other things, has resulted in Georgia experiencing a huge influx of Russian citizens. This has served as cause for another confrontation in the country, only this tim

The year 2021 was difficult for the de facto republic of Abkhazia during which problems such as the pandemic, criminogenic situations, cryptocurrency production and the energy crisis remained unresolv

Recent developments indicate that the Russian Federation is trying to speak with the language of an ultimatum in order to acquire significant concessions from the West. Its actions also make it clear

In March 2021, the Center for Economic Policy Research published a book by Ian Kelly and David Kramer entitled A Country on the Verge The Case for Supporting Georgia. The book dwells upon the impor

It is undoubtable, that a declaration of intent to apply for European Union membership is itself a very serious act. It is based on certain positive developments Association Agreement Deep and Compr

Lately, there have been many cases when the following type of populistic and strict statements could be heard on the radio and other media outlets ldquoDo not dare enter NATO without Abkhazia and t

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