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In the principle presented by the new Minister total defense, total trainings and total care emphasis was made on total care. According to Merabishvili insurance package of the militarypersonnel

Georgian President addressed the Summit participants saying that a part of Georgias territories is still occupied. 20 of our land is controlled by over 12 000 Russian soldiers by means of tanks, r

Mikheil Saakashvili voiced the unilateral initiative that Georgia will use only peaceful methods to restore its territorial integrity and sovereignty. The Georgian government already considers itsel

According to the Malaysian law, two Georgian citizens detained in Malaysian airport on 27 October on the charge of drug trafficking face death penalty. Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and t

The anonymous source stated that all the detainees were citizens of Georgia suspected of creating a spy network and were providing secret information to Russia. As reliable source informed InterPres

Out of USD 200 million, Azerbaijani side has provided only 27,1 million Azerbaijani manats, Executive Director of State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan, Shahmar Movsumov confirmed.The small amount of the tr

Mr. Rasmussen arrived from Brussels where he participated in North Atlantic Council session. It was his first visit to Georgia in the capacity of the Secretary General of Alliance. During his visit t

In answer to the question regarding Medvedevs statetment that he would start negotiations with a new leader of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili answered My own vision is that Medvedev is leaving, and

Military officers take away mobile phones and SIM cards from the soldiers. Transportation of soldiers to the North Caucasus is planned for the next week, Utkina adds.The organization informs that baz

  Some people may say we should not fight in other country when our territories are occupied. However, we need military experience because of the problems in our country. It is a unique military exp