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January 26 New cases 17,530 Out of 78,172 administered tests Positivity rate 22.42 daily, 15.32 over the past 14 days, 19.58 over the past 7 days Deaths 39 Active cases 100,013 Recoverie

Two police officers were arrested for violence against a minor in Tbilisi. The information was communicated to the public by the State Inspectors Service deputy head earlier today at a special briefi

The Employees of the Social Service of Georgia SSA ended the strike. The SSA employees demanded an increase in salaries by 100, insurance, and reimbursement of transportation costs. After the ina

According to the preliminary data of the National Statistics Office of Georgia Geostat, the external merchandise trade excluding nondeclared trade of Georgia amounted to 14,315.6 million in 2021

According to Solidarity Network, up to 400 employees of the Social Service Agency of Georgia SSA went on strike across the country today. The employees announced their plan to call strike in three

Yesterday, tensions near the former sanatorium Kartli Nadzaladevi district, Tbilisi were reported, which houses a number of internally displaced persons IDPs from Abkhazia. Residents held a pro

According to preliminary data of National Statistics Office Geostat, Georgias external merchandise trade excluding nondeclared trade amounted to USD 14 319.4 million in 2021, which is 25.6 high

On January 14, Georgia celebrates National Flag Day. The Five Cross Flag was adopted on January 14, 2004, while the National Flag Day was first celebrated on January 14, 2012. On this occasion, a fla

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According to the National Tourism Administration NTA, in 2021, 1,577,463 international tourist visits were made to Georgia, which is 31 of 2019 tourist traffic. As for the comparison to 2020 stats,

The World Bank released a Global Economic Prospects report presenting economic forecasts for 2022 and 2023. The World Banks report forecasts a 5.5 growth of real gross domestic product real GDP

Tbilisi City Court has overturned the State Inspectors decision which found the Ministry of Justice guilty for disclosing the personal data of imprisoned Saakashvili in violation of the law. Accordi

Today, the judge of Tbilisi City Court announced the verdict on the socalled money laundering case involving Avtandil Tsereteli and leaders of the opposition party Lelo Mamuka Khazaradze and Badri

According to Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation IHME projections, Georgia is going to report around 60,000 daily coronavirus cases on average in the first 10 days of February. As the IHMEs

At the age of 65, the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli passed away. His spokesman, Roberto Cuillo wrote on Twitter about it. According to Cuillo, Sassoli died at 1.15 am on 11 Janua

According to the latest statistics, during the last week, Georgia has been ranking in the top 5 of the world in terms of the number of coronavirus deaths per one million population. As of January 9,

Yesterday, 3 Georgian nationals returned from Kazakhstan amid the armed unrest on a NurSultanKutaisi flight. According to one of the returned Georgians, amid the armed unrest in Kazakhstan the inter

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According to National Statistics Office Geostat, the consumer price index in Georgia increased by 0.3 in December 2021 compared to the previous month. Geostat reports that the annual inflation rate

According to the National Statistics Office Geostat, Georgias gross domestic product at current prices amounted to GEL 49 266.7 million in 2020. Geostats data shows that the overwhelming GDP share