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G.J What does it mean for you to be the Turkish ambassador to Georgia Z.G I have been in the foreign service for the last 24 years and this is my first ambassadorial post. I started my tenure in T

A.T. The version of the Prosecutors Office according to which the recording devices at Rustavi 2 were installed by Saakashvilis defense seems more realistic to me. You may remember that by the en

Please, tell us briefly about your professional background and working experience. I am really happy to be here in Georgia. For the last few years I have been working in the MFA Ministry of For

Q. What, to your mind, caused everything that has happened in UkraineA. Yanukovich decided to walk on the hairbreadth bridge between the European Union and Russia, but in the end he couldnt man

Q. What do you make of the political situation in Georgia Are we ready to sign the Association Agreement and how can we prevent provocations from Russia till thenA. Russia has the ambition to have

It should be a matter of honor for President Putin to ensure security for all of them in the face of routine threatsto blow up the entire Olympics,by North Caucasian fighters to the Kremlin. Such sub

K.K. I think the main criterion for nominating Narmania is that he has no political ambition and Tbilisi Mayor certainly, if he is elected will be tied to Georgian Dream.Its interesting whethe

K.K. Kbilashvili was a decent person and good prosecutor, but he wasnt a specialist of criminal law he hadnt investigated even a single case. I think when he was assigned to the post of Chief Pr

Elita Gavele Via your newspaper, I want to congratulate the ordinary people of Georgia on the peaceful elections. Straight after the elections, we met with the newly elected President of Georgia Gio

Z.P. We may find ourselves at the verge of a second phase. I view three outstanding candidates for presidency out of them Giorgi Margvelashvili does not offer himself as a political leader. Nor ha

A National Movement would not make it any more to the reigns of the country for the next hundred of years at least. So, it sounds really weird when these people speak about values, given their infa

President Saakashvili is trying to distort the real picture by alleging that the occupiers began installation of wire fences right after the defeat of National Party in the October Parliamentary Elec

Q. Why restoration of justice takes so muchA. The main reason is the Western pressure to begin cohabitation in order not to create problems for some highranks. Another reason also is the fact t

S.T. Im sure as a prudent person Bidzina Ivanishvili will relieve us of agitation concerning the situation that will arise in politics after he quits. When he leaves politics, 23 months wont be

We all remember times when the former government was loudly announcing every other day, that after the completion of pipeline Nabucco, the country would flourish and overcome all its troubles. Even

Previous administration officials assess this fact as political persecution. Given that the West and the U.S. would prosecute votebuying politicians, do you expect that this time Washington will res

Innovation has replaced the industrial economies globe over for at least two decades ago. Many European and SouthAsian countries achieved economic success after they made innovations and technologie

Later, appearing on the TV air, the defense specialists of Georgian Army examined those Strela2 missile systems and noticed that missile launching containers had unique factory numbers erased and pr

K.Z. I dont remember when the last confrontation between Christians and Muslims took place in Georgia. Nothing happens by chance. It isnt possible that after so much time without confrontation th

  Benhem declared at a press conference held in Tbilisi on Friday that he considered the cases of selective use of law a big problem. CoRapporteurs of Parliamentary Assembly of European Council Dani