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Yes, we are indeed going out of business and this is painfully lamentable for all of us here at Georgian Journal, the exquisite and already very popular Englishlanguage weekly newspaper published by

Georgia has lately been flagrantly busy and obsessed with controversial talk about the righthandsteering wheels which have multiplied here exponentially in the last five to ten years.

Georgia last felt stable, hopeful and unperturbed when the Soviet home of nations was still alive and kicking.

Any time I am on my way to Tbilisi Airport together with another guest of mine, and pass the huge mural portrait of George Walker Bush

The world is familiar with the story of his heroic deed He saved a young girl from drowning as a result of an airplane catastrophe over the ocean, having given the little one his lifebelt and knowi

and a sizeable pain in the neck for Georgia. We could not manage to fit comfortably enough into this noble ideology. We were so relaxed, and it was so easy to operate in those bygone but blessed time

Rustavi 2 has desisted being the name of a regular television station in Georgia.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Just in Denmark, not in Georgia Arent we lucky that nothing is rotten in our kingdom

Georgia is getting heavy with conflict again, and the incipient confrontational situation in the country is built on the primacy of the two of Georgias evolutionarypreferences going West or North.

Beliefs, principles, dogmas, views, political affairs, etc. are not edibles to eat, although they are fed to people in big doses everywhere in the world, Georgia included.

That the Georgian historical lands are occupied by Russia is part of politics, and the fact that Georgia wants to use the Russian energy potential is the issue within the realm of economics.

The Human Rights theme is not my breadandbutter in life, but I know by heart the entire text of the Bill of Rights and, frankly, I have developed a taste for human freedoms as such from that most read, cherished and celebrated political document in the history of mankind.

There is a new lawenforcement term running around in Georgia which has practically turned into a household word Narushilovka

When spring starts talking, Sun hears stags bellow

No other idiom can describe Georgias dolorous destiny and its longstanding political enthusiasm than the saying given in the title above

Satire must provoke shock declared Gerard Briard, editorinchief of the controversial French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo at the M100 Sanssouci Colloquium in Potsdam.

All men are created equal and are endowed with rights to live, be free and pursue happiness there has never been said anything more meaningful than this in history.

This is one of our achievements in the wake of burying the communist ideology, maintained within the soviet political framework, and adopting the new rules of life, based on freedom and democracy. No

There are things that Georgia is welcome to do and there are some that it must refrain from undertaking.

USSR what was it after all Scores of knowledgeable scholars will have to squeeze volumes out of their pens and brains to answer this epochal question